America and Antarctica

Emma Gregg • Travel Journalist

USA and Latin America

My first solo journey to a different continent was a trip to visit relatives in Canada as a child. I’ve been interested in the Americas ever since.

Fascinated by Latin American culture in my twenties, I took time to explore villages, jungles, temples and volcanoes in Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. The thrill of snorkelling in Belize led me to take up scuba diving and I’ve never looked back.

I have made several visits to the United States, particularly New York, San Francisco and Chicago. On the west coast, I co-wrote an extensive
insider’s guide to responsible, ethical and green tourism in California for The guide covers the best outdoor activities, offbeat attractions and gastronomic experiences in this dynamic, family-friendly state.

My interest in ecotourism and responsible tourism has also taken me to the Amazon Basin, to report on
a rainforest ecotourism project in the Peruvian Amazon and an expedition cruise on Brazil’s Rio Negro for National Geographic Traveller.

More recently, I travelled to Argentina, the Southern Ocean and the South Atlantic. The highlight of my trip was a five-week voyage on an expedition ship visiting
Antarctica and South Georgia, again reporting for National Geographic Traveller.